Partner Highlight

Partnering with local producers and artisans allows us to ensure that your dining experience includes ingredients at the peak of their freshness and flavor. We commit to selecting sustainable, regional products whenever possible and we are grateful to the purveyors that help make our menu possible.

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EdenThistle was started from a growing conviction that there’s a design to animals and to the land. If you study that design and allow it to dictate how you care for animals, wonderful things occur and both flourish. EdenThistle stakes everything they do within their company on this principle and beautiful things are produced.

Artful Culinary Creations

Whitebird strives to honor the indigenous bounty of the Tennessee River Valley through artful culinary creations that breathe new life in to the traditional cuisine of the American South.

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Breakfast 7am-11am
Lunch 11am-3pm
Small Bites 3pm-5:30pm
Dinner 5:30pm-10pm
BarĀ 10pm – Close

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