Executive Chef Khaled AlBanna

AlBanna came to Whitebird as a sous chef with a deep passion for cooking, after spending his childhood in the kitchen alongside his mother in Amman, Jordan. Because of this, AlBanna acquired invaluable and, otherwise, unattainable cooking skills, while also learning unique culinary traditions from a young age.

He then ventured to the United States to attend college where he, ironically, earned a degree in Mathematics and spent time studying civil engineering at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. It was during this, what seemed, an unrelated path that AlBanna realized he was meant to be in the kitchen. He committed to working in the culinary industry, cooked in top-tier restaurants in Chicago, New York, and Chattanooga, and advanced from a line cook to, now, an executive chef.

Throughout his journey, AlBanna also took on several business opportunities in order to better understand and impact the culinary industry. He lent his passion to start-up restaurants and assisted in developing authentic Middle Eastern cuisine and beverage menus. He now uses his talents to deliver unforgettable culinary experiences through sustainable, locally-sourced, and relaxed dining.